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Miranda’s Victim Vietsub - HD

Miranda's Victim

127 Phút

Quốc gia: Phim Âu Mỹ

Đạo diễn: Michelle Danner

Diễn viên: Abigail BreslinAndy GarciaDonald SutherlandEmily VanCampJoshua BowmanKyle MacLachlanLuke WilsonMireille EnosRyan PhillippeSebastian Quinn

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The true story of Trish Weir who in 1963 was kidnapped and brutally raped by Ernesto Miranda. Committed to putting her assailant in prison, Trish’s life is destroyed by America’s legal system as she triggers a law that transforms the nation.

Thể loại: Phim Chính Kịch

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