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Fist of Fury Lồng Tiếng - HD

Fist of Fury

45 phút/tập

Đang phát: Hoàn Tất(30/30)

Tập mới nhất: 010203

Quốc gia: Phim Hồng KôngPhim Trung Quốc

Đạo diễn: Benny Chan

Diễn viên: Berg NgDavid LauDonnie YenEddy KoEric Wan Tin-ChiuJoey Man Yee-ManKenny LamLo LiehPhilip Keung Ho-ManYeung Chak-Lam

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Fist of Fury is a 1995 Hong Kong television series adapted from the 1972 film of the same title. Produced by ATV and STAR TV, the series starred Donnie Yen as Chen Zhen, a role previously played by Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury and Jet Li in Fist of Legend. The series is also related to the 2010 film Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, in which Yen reprises his role. This series was edited into a 225 minute movie titled Sworn Revenge for the US market in 2002.

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